TUMMY gives me a bloated, sore tummy and smelly wind, why?

Firstly, based on the formulation as it contains a good quantity of both fibre and probiotics, some people can experience changes in their bowels when they increase their fibre and probiotic intake. This can manifest as bloating, wind, constipation or more frequent stools. 

  • Bloating and wind can occur due to a pre-existing imbalance of bacterial flora. Increasing fibre and probiotic content disrupts the gut environment and increases both the fuel source of probiotics and bad bacteria- meaning both can thrive. Whilst probiotics themselves act to try and re-establish a balance of good bacteria, they do so by secreting chemicals that cause die-off of bad bacteria. This can result in bloating and wind production (especially odorous wind). When this occurs it’s best to reduce the serving of TUMMY to half and take only once a day. Slowly increase the serving of TUMMY over a period of 1-2 weeks until the full serving size is reached. 
  • Constipation can occur if there has been an increase in fibre and inadequate water intake to compliment the increased fibre. In these instances, recommend mixing a full serving of TUMMY into 1 glass of water and following with another full 250mL of water. Ensure that they are drinking at least 1.8L of water per day when taking a fibre supplement. 
  • Increased stool frequency can occur due to the increased probiotic and fibre content, essentially moving waste through the bowels faster to improve bowel transit time. In these instances, it’s a matter of reducing the serving of TUMMY slightly for a couple of days whilst the body gets used to increased fibre and probiotic content and returning to the full serving a few days later. 

This kind of response from the body is not uncommon and can happen with all sorts of patients when they start fibre supplements. Generally, it all settles down very quickly once their digestive system balances out and gets used to the increased fibre. The patients who have usually eaten quite a low fibre diet and low fermented food (probiotic) diet, usually have the biggest response initially with these types of symptoms.

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  • 09-Jul-2018