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When is the recommended time to start taking Breastfeeding Plus?

As Breastfeeding Plus contains a whole bunch of milk boosting galactagogues* such as Fenugreek, St Mary’s Thistle and Goats Rue, it is best to wait six weeks postpartum to allow your body to settle into breastfeeding and your milk supply to regulate to your babies needs. If you’ve lost a lot of blood, had a delay in milk coming in or are experiencing other postnatal issues, speak with your health care professional about starting earlier.

* Galactagogues are herbal or prescription substances that have milk boosting properties.  Although they are usually harmless, some have potential side effects and drug interactions that must be considered for each individual mother. You should talk to your health care provider about whether a particular galactagogue is safe for you.

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  • 12-Feb-2018