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What is Platinum Plus and how do I upgrade?
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Platinum Plus was created after suggestions from the community for bigger and better discounts for our Platinum members. 


Platinum members can upgrade to Platinum Plus and receive the following benefits: 

- Double your Discount, 20% discount on every order even on discounted stock

- A $20 Healthy Mummy store gift voucher

- 1,000 Bonus Diamond Reward Coins - These will appear in your App within 7 days of upgrading 


If you are an existing Platinum member, and would like to upgrade: 

- Please login to your account so the system will recognise your current membership

- Click here to add the Platinum Plus upgrade to your cart 


After upgrading, your order confirmation will include the Gift Voucher, and when you return to your account page on the website, you will see the below, and will now be eligible for the extra discounts. 





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