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When do I earn rewards from Healthy Mummy Diamond Rewards?
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The Healthy Mummy Diamond Rewards program is designed to help you achieve your goals by measuring & incentivising your progress.

Earn coins by logging activities in the Healthy Mummy app, and earn rewards by reaching coin levels. 


It won't take long to reach Emerald level (1000 coins) which will earn you a $10 Healthy Mummy voucher. 

When you reach 5000 coins, this is Ruby level, and earns you a $15 voucher.

Then its not far to Sapphire level at 12,000 coins which earns a $20 voucher. 

Opal level is 25,000 coins and thats another $10 voucher

Diamond is reached at 50,000 coins and this is another $15 voucher!


The vouchers are available in the 'My Gift Cards' section of your Healthy Mummy account.


To learn more about Diamond Rewards, click here.


Note: Healthy Mummy store vouchers are earned for achieving Diamond reward levels only. Eg, your first 1,000 coins will take you to Emerald level, it will take a further 4,000 coins to reach Ruby level and earn the next voucher. 

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