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How do I cancel my Healthy Mummy App subscription?
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We are sorry to hear that you wish to cancel.

Cancelling your subscription has to be completed by you and the method will depend on how you purchased your Healthy Mummy Subscription.

You purchased your subscription through Apple iTunes & App store.

You purchased your subscription through Google Play.

You purchased through The Healthy Mummy website

Did you know you can pause your subscription instead of cancelling?  This is a great option if you are on a good rate and just need some time off.  To pause your subscription you need to login to your account and under your name select 'My Subscriptions'. Click on the subscription you would like to pause, choose Change Subscription and then you will have the option to pause.  You can pause your subscription one payment cycle so if you are a monthly member, you can pause for a month.  If you are a quarterly member, you can pause for a quarter and so on.


You can cancel your subscription yourself by logging into your account on our website at (NOTE: not via the app). 

If these steps are not working for you, then please contact customer service and one of our support staff will be able to assist you.


Important Notes

Once you cancel your subscription you will continue to have access to the challenge until your next payment would have been due. 

As part of our T&C's and our intellectual property we don't offer refunds as you have instant access to all new content every week including all loyalty gifts- you can see them here:

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