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What is the difference between an Affiliate and a Consultant?

Affiliates are comprised of Consultants, bloggers, social media influencers, brand partners and affiliate networkers. Affiliates will have their own website, social media platform or blog that they will upload code to house our promotions on their online sites to direct traffic to the HM website, which will result in commission for the affiliate if a purchase is made.

Consultantsare HM customers, who sell manage their own direct sales business selling HM product. They practice the 28-day Challenge and use the HM products. They support and motivate mums in their community via Facebook groups, given special offers and discounts to engage and recruit new members. Consultants can on-sell the Challenges and HM products either by their affiliate link for consumers to purchase online, or they can do direct sales from their house (pick up or post) in order to make a profit. 

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  • 08-Dec-2017