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What ingredients are in The Healthy Mummy Body Sculpting?
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Refer to the packaging for the full ingredient list but the key ingredients that help in the performance of this lotion are:

  • Unroasted Shea Butter Extract: Unroasted shea butter extract is obtained through a sustainable process and is made by women in Burkina Faso villages. When manufactured without the traditional roasting phase, shea butter preserves its viminalol ester content and its slimming active properties.

  • Avocado Seed Extract: Avocado seeds are by-products of the Burkina Faso food industry. Avocado seed extract is rich in unsaponifiable matter known to activate connective tissue metabolism.

  • An ingenious mix of four different methylxanthines, has a convincing optimal triple effect. It suppresses the formation of adipocytes, reduces the storage of fat (lipogenesis) and stimulates lipid decomposition (lipolysis).

  • Artichoke extract contains a particularly high level of caffeoylquinic acids. The plant extract supports X-Melt® by stimulating the lipid decomposition and providing an anti-oedematous effect.

  • Levan is a polysaccharide made up of fructose molecules. It activates lipid decomposition and due to its high molecular weight forms a firming film on the skin.

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