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How do I know ‘who’ to contact for Enquiries from my Consultant business?
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To ensure your enquiry is actioned promptly, we always recommend you:

1.Review your Consultant Start Up Guide

2.Review your Healthy Mummy Affiliate Guide (if the matter is affiliate related)

3.Speak with your Mentor

4.Check with the Independent Healthy Mummy Sales Consultant Group

5.Follow up your enquiry based on the below:




●  CONSULTANT ENQUIRIES - [email protected]


●  WEBSITE ORDER ENQUIRIES - [email protected]


●  FEEDBACK & SUGGESTIONS - [email protected]


●  AFFILIATE ENQUIRIES - [email protected]


●  PROMOTIONS & GIFT WITH PURCHASE - this refers to fulfillment of any gift or prize for Consultants only. [email protected]


●  SUBSCRIPTION QUERIES - [email protected]


●  CONSULTANT ‘GROUP’ ENQUIRIES - this refers to any enquiry you may have relatingto your Group, Post ideas and general support. Refer to:


○  1. Your Mentor

○  2. The Independent Healthy Mummy Sales Consultant FB Group (page)

○  3. [email protected]


What you need to do:

1.Include your Issue in the Subject Line

2.Be clear about your Issue - include attachments and screen shots (where required)

3.Include your best contact information - this may include your mobile number

4.Read the FAQ’s that are provided by Customer Service to check if there is an existing solution for your issue


Following the above process, will support the HQ Team who may not always be able to get to your email, Facebook Group tag or private message, particularly since HQ operates in standard Monday – Friday business hours.


You will find answers to most of your queries at the link below, so please check this document before contacting support -

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