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What Does The “Remove From Shopping List” Button Mean At The Bottom Of Each Recipe?

If you click on this button then the ingredients from the recipe you are looking at will be deleted from your shopping list. So, you would click this button if you have a leftover portion of the meal in the freezer and you don’t need to make it again. Or if the recipe is a “set serve” style meal e.g. a muffin/cake/stew etc that is set to a certain amount of serves that you can’t change. As you may want to consume the leftovers for these types of recipes on other days of your meal plan e.g. you might make a batch of muffins at the beginning of the week and then eat some every day for the rest of the week. You can place the muffins within your meal plan but can select the “Remove from Shopping List” button on all repeats of the recipe so multiple ingredients aren’t added into your shopping list.

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  • 12-Nov-2017