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How Do I Record What I’ve Eaten?
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1.Go to the Hub/Home page and choose the meal you are wanting to record i.e. breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner etc. To find the meal of the day you want to record just swipe to the left or right.

2.Then you click on “RECORD SNACK” or “RECORD BREAKFAST” (depending on which meal you are recording).

3.You will then get to the Record meal screen and you record that you’ve eaten that meal from your plan or remove it and type in what else you may have eaten instead or add in other items you may have eaten with your meal.

4.You will need to type in the other foods you’ve eaten that aren’t part of your Challenge Meal Plan as well as their calories.

5. Then you can see what the total calories consumed for the meal are, click RECORD and these calories will be added to your daily calorie tracker.

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