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Is the Green Clay Mask tested on animals?

None of The Healthy Mummy Skin products are tested on animals, we are strictly cruelty free.

How long will it take for me to get results from my Green Clay Mask?

You may see results immediately after use but typically 28 days as this is how long it takes cells to regenerate

My face felt warm and tingly whilst using the Green Clay Mask, is this okay?

Yes, this is perfectly normal. The clay has thermal actives which draw out toxins and gently clean the skin without scrubbing. This is caused by the clays in the mask.

How many uses are there in the Green Clay Mask tub?

It really depends how often you use the mask and how liberal you are with you application. However on average a tub of the Green Clay Mask should last around 3-6 months.

Can I use the Green Clay Mask if I have acne or a skin condition?

Yes, if you have acne to a skin condition you can certainly use the Green Clay Mask. It may assist or improve acne due to the properties of the Australian Kaolin and Green Clay.

Are the ingredients in the Green Clay Mask organic?

The ingredients in the Green Clay Mask are naturally derived but not organic.

Is the Green Clay Mask safe for pregnancy?

It is always best to consult your GP prior to using products when pregnant

When I opened the Green Clay Mask, it looked like the ingredients had separated, is this normal?

Because we use natural clays, sometimes the ingredients in the Green Clay Mask will seperate, water can sit on the top but this is not a problem, simply mix the ingredients back together with the brush. To minimise ingredient separation, always store in a cool dry environment below 30 degrees.

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