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The average quantity per serve for Vitamin C is only 80mg, some brands have nearly 1000mg. Is this product not so good?

An average serve of the Vitamin C + Zinc Boost contains  80mg of Vitamin C, which is 200% of you RDI (Recommended Dietry  Intake). To an extent anything over 100% just comes out in your urine so is essentially is a waste.

Will the Vitamin C + Zinc Boost stop me from getting sick?

Vitamin C + Zinc Boost will help maintain a normal functioning immune system.

Can I consume the Vitamin C + Zinc Boost if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

There are no ingredients in the Vitamin C + Zinc Boost that are likely to cause any concern for women who are pregnant or brestfeeding.  The Upper Limit of Intake for Vitamin C for pregnant and lactating women is recommended as no more than 1000 mg per day.  The ULI for zinc for pregnant & lactating women is recommen…

Is the Vitamin C jelly safe for children under 3 years old?

Yes, the vitamins used to fortify the Nutrition Boost Jelly are below the Upper Level of Intake (UL) for children under 3 years. To reach above the UL for some of the vitamins in the Jelly, a child between 1-3 years of age would have to consume 5 full serves of the jelly in one day. Therefore, a child under 3 years o…

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