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Can children consume the Pumpkin Soup?

The pumpkin soup is suitable for Children over the age of 3 years old.  There are a different set of recommended dietary values for children aged 1-3, as set by the Food Standards Code.  This product has not been designed for children of that age group and the Vitamin and Mineral content may exceed the RDI .

Where is the Pumpkin Soup manufactured?

The Pumpkin Soup is blended in Australia using a range of Australian made and imported raw materials.  The imported raw materials are sourced from 11 different countries.

Does the Pumpkin Soup contain any allergens?

The Pumpkin Soup contains Milk and Soy. Gluten may be present in trace amounts due to the cumin having potentially come into contact with gluten containing crops during harvest and post-harvest handling.

Can I consume the Pumpkin Soup cold?

The Pumpkin Soup is safe to consume cold. However, it is still recommended that when preparing the soup, mix the powder into hot water to prevent lumping and to ensure all the powder is dissolved.

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