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What are the rules for sending emails to contacts or databases?

We recommend you adhere to the following before emailing contacts or databases: Under the Spam Act (2003), there are just three basic rules you need to know if you are sending emails promoting your products: 1. You MUST have the recipient’s consent. 2. You MUST identify yourself and explain how you can be contacted…

Why am I NOT receiving emails from The Healthy Mummy HQ.

If you think you are STILL not receiving emails from us, please follow these steps: 1. Add [email protected] to your Contacts List (in your address book) 2. Check spam, junk mail, promotions 3. Send yourself a test email from another email address 4. Email: [email protected] with your …

How do I update my email preferences?

If you would like to change the frequency of emails you receive, or unsubscribe you can change your preferences in your Healthy Mummy account at any time. [Please click here to login and go straight to the preferences page][1] [1]:

Why aren't I receiving any emails?

There maybe a few reasons for this. Please ensure you have taken the following steps: * Please check your junk email for emails from [[email protected]][1] (AU) or [email protected] (UK). * Check that you have entered the correct email * You may have unsubscribed previously. You add yourself…

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