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My subscription is about to renew and I would like it to continue on Afterpay.

Making sure the budget is covered is one of those tough mum tasks!

Afterpay do not support subscriptions, so we cannot offer Afterpay as a payment method for subscription renewals. 

We offer other options since we always have mums and their needs in mind. You can check out the payment options available for you to switch to by following these steps:

 - You can switch your subscription yourself by logging into your account on our 
   the website at (NOTE: not via the app). 
 - Please go to your account and login 
 - Go to Your Subscriptions 
 - Click on the Subscription ID of the Subscription you wish to switch;
 - Click on the Change Subscription button;
 - You will see the option to switch your Subscription

If these do not answer your enquiry, please send us a note through:
We will get back to you with the answer in 24 to 48 hours. 

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  • 04-Jan-2019